Batman vs. Superman

For one, I am usually not a person who goes out within the first two weeks of a movie being released but when you’re invited to a 4$ showing with some people you like …why not go? Don’t judge.

The movie actually turned out to be a more thought provoking resource then I had originally planned. The film kept bringing up how these heroes were honored as “gods” or even the God. Lex Luther’s character (a favorite) seemed to cause quite the controversy when it came to who God is. One of the most shocking lines he said was that “…if God is all powerful then he cannot be all good.” I did not quite understand what all he was actually saying but perhaps he was indicating that having power causes people to take advantage of it. However, what if our interpretation of good is actually twisted?

For example, do you remember being a young child or even a teenager and being disciplined from your guardian for something you did wrong? At the time, you just felt helpless and that they had power over you. However, when you realized that what you were being corrected for turned out to be a GOOD thing to have happen, you are grateful for the wisdom…or at least should be. The scolding worked out for your GOOD or you learned the hard way after you still committed the mistake…

Yes, this is only one case and I understand there are more serious circumstances like sickness, death, and why there is other suffering in the world. Yet, I feel that so many people who miss the lessons and the beauty that come out of these ordeals. Humans will never fully understand what God is, but I can tell you with confidence that his all powerfulness is for you not against. 

Romans 8:31 


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