Minority Girls Rockin’ Entertainment.

Recently, I have been impressed on how minority woman have been portrayed in the media. It has been very interesting to see so many shows that have reflected them in a positive light. I am not sure how it all worked out but I was able to see a consistent theme in shows within the same week. Shows that praised minority woman like….

Blackish // ABC :

black nanny

In this episode the parents realized they needed a nanny to help with the household. All the candidates seemed to not work out until a black nanny is interviewed. At first one would assume that her race is the only thing that got her hired, but soon enough you realize that she is a worthy candidate as well as strong authoritative figure.


The Real // FOX :

the real

This show does not cease to amaze me. This show includes the most eccentric women named Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry , and Tamar Braxton, who represent a wide variety of views, body types, backgrounds, and experiences. Plus, they were nominated for FOUR daytime Emmys for 2016!

K.C. Undercover // Disney Channel :


This show has given so much opportunity for the African-American community to be on one of the biggest children networks there is…DISNEY CHANNEL. Since watching this show I have seen a wide-array of black beauty as well as some people who have not been seen in the industry in years. Plus the character of K.C. is played by the phenomenal role model ZENDAYA. FYI I would be ecstatic if someone offered me to be on this show. 😉

Chasing Destiny // BET :


A semi-reality show starring Kelly Rowland and Frank Gaston in their search for girls to form a new girl group. Kelly plays quite the role as the manager, who is playing no games. She has been working on this project for awhile and now that it is finally happening there is too much on the line for anything to tank.

Black Girls Rock // BET :

"Black Girls Rock!" BET Special
NEWARK, NJ – MARCH 28: (L-R) Dr. Helene Gayle, Erykah Badu, Nadia Lopez, Michelle Obama, Regina King, Tracee Ellis Ross, Beverly Bond, Debra Lee, Ava DuVernay, and Cicely Tyson appear onstage during “Black Girls Rock!” BET Special at NJPAC Prudential Hall on March 28, 2015 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Brad Barket/BET/Getty Images for BET)

This show honors black women of all achievements whether it is charity work , entertainment, government , education , or fashion. Founded by Beverly Bond, it has just celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2016.

I do not post this to glorify a specific group of minority and gender as if all other do not matter. I am an African-American male, and believe me, I know that my category needs lots of guidance and prayer. However, I believe in celebrating the people of  the United States that are often looked down on. Not all minority women are using their bodies to get opportunities or make money. A lot of them are actually hard workers and deserve honor for their successes in life. This includes everyday women like the nurse that works third shift, the single mother of 3, the first lady of a church,  the high school janitor, the mail-woman, the private business owner, the public school principal etc. Everyone woman matters.

I personally want to congratulate ALL these women. I am hoping that ALL races and genders continue to follow in a path such as this.

2 thoughts on “Minority Girls Rockin’ Entertainment.

    1. Thank-you GG! It is vital to encourage something good or we loose it. Certain things should not be unnoticed. Thanks for reading !!


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