Recently, I have been presented over and over with the idea of ADVENTURE. This unique time in my life has involved new places within my own backyard, engagements of friends, graduation preparation, prom preparation, and career searching.

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, spring is the season of new beginnings and it is happening more then ever before. I graduate college this May, and that means I am closing this chapter in my life whether I want to or not.  However, I am truly ready for ADVENTURE. I totally feel free to finally explore and enjoy life in a new way. I do not want to go to grad school right now or possibly not ever….haha, but I know I do want to go into the “wild blue yonder”. My time is definitely now. I am a satisfied single . I am a busy body. I am not ready to settle. That means I am able to do almost anything.

Now, we do have to be realistic because I have to pay “Sallie Mae Back”  and collect some sort of savings for the future. I mean perhaps I can do all that by making a YouTube video that goes viral like DEE-1 has…

…..but I am a strong believer that the money will come. As long as you are wise with saving, continue to keep a job, and invest in the smartest of things it will be alright.

What also drives me to ADVENTURE is seeing all the positive influences around me just going for their dreams. Whether it is marriage, touring with a band, relocating to a new country, or just finally getting a diploma, it all is happening. I am stoked for them. I must say that comparing is poison however. Every individual has their own season for things and no two are alike. No one should ever try do like everyone else while everyone is doing it, but one should attempt bold steps to go towards their own ambitions.  This is something I learned quickly and I am glad I did.

Now, it is time to write more pages in my own story. Not completely by my own strength of course. “For I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow.” However after praying it is time to start doing. I believe if you have a passion for something you got to pursue it or there will never be satisfaction. That does not give anyone permission to do something illegal or immoral, but it does give one permission to walk it out.

That is what I am doing…


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