Be Prepared.

Not only is this one of my favorite underrated songs from the Lion King……

…….but it is also a way of life! When one is preparing for something it can become quite the assignment. The following are my top tips for wisely preparing for life as much as you can…


Now I am not the perfect example of this but I know how vital it is. No matter how little or how much you make , having something to fall back on will be your rescue sooner or later. No one is completely safe from any crisis.


This is self-explanatory. If you want to become an expert in something you have to continue a process in order to get progress. No one ever became a legend by just thinking about it.


The truth hurts. I know that first hand. One of my weaknesses is telling the whole truth because I am not a fan for hurting feelings, but I know how powerful the whole truth is. If someone truly means something special to you….be honest with them. It prepares you for a promising future.


You can never be OVER-prepared. This is a great tip for trips. I am often the one looking out for other people, because they are always UNDER-prepared. I have extra blankets in my trunk, I always bring water with me, I need to start bringing spare clothes too, and I try to always have contact solution. If you have these things you are pretty much set. I thank my mother for teaching me this.


Netflix can control your life. Turn your phone off or else the Boyz in Motion will get you.


Not everyone thinks the same as you. Do your best to at least hear someone else’s perspective.


No one is perfect. Someone will break your heart. Forgiveness is not always for the other person but actually for you. In order to move forward it is the best thing you can do for yourself. You could also build a better bound with a person after this milestone. So much good does come from forgiveness. Don’t be naive however. Identify signs of repeat situations that seem to be manipulative.


They actually work. I know I am tired of getting phlegm , having aches, and hearing cracking bones. I know I am too young to be talking like this but it starts NOW. Stop playin’ and eat dem vitamins!!


Not everyone is for you or good for you. Please know that in life we all on different journeys where our paths cross. Often times then not, most pathways start to go in opposite directions. If you want the BEST life for you, one must recognize the signs of a dwindling relationship or a split road.

10. PRAY

Whether you believe in it or not…it works. There is a spiritual element to this life, and I believe in the power of prayer. Living life in gratitude and preparing for future battles is something I choose to do on a daily basis.




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