F A I L I N G & Q U I T T I N G.

I was a YouTuber for about 8 months in 2013 before I was overwhelmed with the time it took to complete the editing process and trying to finish up school.

I was a piano player for about 6 years until I was able to quit.

I resisted trying out in high school for plays because of competition and low self-esteem.

I was in band all 3 years in middle school before I was able to quit.

I reveal all these things to you because I am not ashamed anymore to say that I have stopped things when I could have benefited from continuing. However, do you know what is one common thing that I did not have for all of those…. PASSION.

Now I did  learn some unforgettable things  in all those activities in my life, don’t mistaken that, but most times I was either going through the motions or scared. Now that I am older and even a college graduate, I feel like I have boldness and more choice of what I want to move forward in.

This blog for example. Blogging is an amazing way to get your voice out there in words and it is somewhat therapeutic. Acting is so cool being another character and making people laugh makes me feel good when they feel good. Music is GLORIOUS but I rather sing then anything else. One day I want to master many styles of dance.  I need to get fluent in Spanish because it’s pretty and America is changing…am I right?

You see what I am saying?  Being close to something that you actually want to do, something you have a desire for, is not enough. When you are IN it, that is when it matters. I am not saying you have to do the absolute MOST but when you take baby steps to get to a particular place, it is more satisfying. That could be as easy as watching YouTube Videos on a subject , interactive DVDs, local classes, college , mentoring , reading , or simply taking a chance. Whatever it is, know that you have the ability to do it. It’s kind of funny because we believed these things as kids with our innocence and creativity at it’s strongest. Can we go back to that…

Realistically, there are factors of life that do get in the way. We all have family , stress factors, limited financial resources, insecurities , and fears but ALL can be overcome with that one step of faith to want to try for better.

Every-time I blog  I am doing this not only because I want to be an influence on this world in a enlightening sort of way, but I want to do this for me. I want to be a better me. Don’t you want to be a better you?



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