We all have insecurities. Unfortunately they get in the way of everyday life sometimes and that is no good.

I know I am not alone here when I ask….have you ever wanted to do something but feel as if whatever you had to offer was mediocre and someone else could do it better? or have been crippled by fear and came across as incompetent and weak? I mean with just writing this blog I personally had to gain the confidence to do so.

You know what I learned that helps me get through those moments of self-doubt? realizing that there is only ONE me. I know we have all heard that before since we were wee lads….


…but you must realize the truth in it! Have you not realized that no one else can do the things you do the way you can! I mean this in all honesty. Even twins do things incredibly different!

When I was first discovering YouTube I was OBSESSED with discovering covers of popular songs and studying the different interpretations people come up with. EVERY ONE IS uniquely different and special because the people are! There are plenty of examples of this….


Just the Way You are – MaryMary

Mirrors – Boyce Avenue ft. Fifth Harmony

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) – Tyler Ward & Two Worlds

Can’t Hold Us – Pentatonix


The flip-side to this is cockiness. This characteristic can be toxic because you come across as if you are best thing that has come around since sliced bread.



I believe that being humble gets you farther then any other mindset when you are praised for something you produced. We all need to realize that there are people that can do certain things better then you can, but each person is unmatched to the next. We should all want to do the best that we, the individual, can and even more so be open to learning how to do something better.

We were all meant to be on this earth for a purpose. No one’s life is more significant then the next. You can be a huge impact in only one person’s life or start a movement that impacts nations in your lifetime… both are extraordinary. You just have to believe that what you have to offer is indeed incomparable to anyone else. you are unlimited. OWN IT.


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