I have been thinking….

What skills do I know when it comes to surviving and I mean ACTUALLY surviving with the natural resources we have been given. How many of you all know how to start a campfire, hunt, fight , defend, or even cook. Like seriously.

It kind of hit me the other day when I was was shopping at a grocery store and thought ot myself… “If all the grocery stores and restaurants closed down for a week, would I be able to feed myself from the only the knowledge I possess currently? ” Ok I admit that thought may seem a little extreme but that does not take away from my point of SURVIVAL.

I feel that we live in a world that we could practically have anything at the palm of our hands with just a button to push or a phone call to make…but what would happen if that all stopped? What do you know that could keep you alive?

Now I am a person of faith and I believe in a God that provides, but does that not mean he also provides to skills and natural instinct for survival for use to USE?

One show that grabbed my attention about this topic was called REVOLUTION . A show with the main idea that what if all electricity in the world was taken away in today’s current time, how would today’s generation survive?



Although that is an EXTREME example, it still has ME thinking what actual survival skills do I know.  So I dedicate this post to some skills I think are useful to know just in case….

How to Start a Fire:

How to Defend Yourself:

How to Plant a Vegetable Garden:

How to Survive Without Electricity:


You are welcome. 



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