I was in denial but it turns out that I enjoy being ACCEPTED. Now let me be clear that it is not in ALL aspects of my life but it does relate to the important things…or what I believe is important.

I never stop learning how to do new things just like any other person, but yet I tense up when I make a mistake. I assume almost immediately that I am not good enough to be accepted by someone and tense up.  In my mind, if I ever gave someone the opportunity to not like me because of a mistake I made, I assumed they would not like me ever… that idea would mess with me. I did not realize until later on how this all resulted from not always being accepted by certain people as a young child.

During most of my childhood and it continues today, I have had a flexible personality and bond with all kinds of people. Back in the day, that was not looked upon as a gift but almost as a disability. You either were one thing or the other. That was a challenge to grasp because I never saw anything that way. I saw everything/everyone as a chance to learn. I also despised being judged based off what people thought I was because it was all they knew and they put me into a mold of their perspectives. So to compromise I tried my best to give everyone what they wanted in order to see me a certain way.

I am now choosing the year 2016 to make a change. That is why I started this blog. Not for approval by anyone but for me to be ME. I am going to do me and to my best ability.

I renamed my brand V a G a B o N D. Do you know the definition?

vagabond – someone leading an unsettled and carefree life.

It is time to go past the doubts , fears , and the so called  disqualifications. Why settle for anything? Ain’t nobody got time for that. I want to be UNLIMITED. I have to live my life to the fullest! Life is only temporary after all.

One of my favorite quotes is that…


With all that said….. I HAVE MADE MY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!

This is a HUGE milestone for me because I am such a perfectionist and never thought I would be releasing something so homemade. Being the perfectionist that I am when it comes to a representation of my work ethic. I am NERVOUS about the release. I always want ANYTHING that I release to be PERFECT. However that is nearly impossible and I learned that. I have decided that all the hard work and dedication from so many people is WORTH putting out there. It really is a solid piece of work and I am PROUD OF IT.

If you like it or not that is none of my business. Actually it kind of is. haha! Feel free to do the usual COMMENT , LIKE , & SHARE…. but seriously regardless of how you all accept it or not will not hinder me. It is worthy of exposure. Yes, there are mistakes and things could have been done better BUT it is something to be proud of. Just watch.

INTRODUCING the I Luh God (cover) ft. Chrisen Marie








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