C R e a T e IT

We live in a time where we have more resources then ever before. Some examples include YouTube , Etsy , iPhones , Toilets (my personal favorite) , Television , Apps, Magazines, Cars , Buses , and simply the Internet. With that said I have a question for you….

Are you being proactive in making a dream of yours come true?

There are too many unhappy people who are compromising their lives. People who are living a life because they blame their life circumstances on not being able to actively dream. I say stop it and CREATE IT.

Now I know that things happen in life where you have to make life changing sacrifices like marriage , having children, a traumatic event, injury , death , and financial burdens but there are ways to still dream in spite of what can come against you. What some people fail to realize is that these experiences in life can be the very fuel you need. The fuel that stimulates your ideas and tactics to achieve your dream.

For example if you are gifted in fashion but you end up having a child stopped your move to a place like New York City to design, why not design in your own home with a sewing machine and make things for your baby to rock? What if you really love to sing and dream of signing with a record label but are paralyzed from the waste down? Why not start with recording yourself and posting covers / original songs on YouTube?

This lady from the church I went to once told us about how she was able to get out of debt by doing what she was gifted in… and that was baking. She made cakes. In the good ol’ Bible there was a verse that stuck to her from 2 Kings 4:2 saying , “What do you have in your house?” It’s as simple as that…you can use what you have to do something IMPACTING and ultimately get to your biggest of dreams! Starting with what you have wherever you are is an outstanding first step.

what house

Another point to think about is that you DO NOT need to allow the pressure of having to achieve a dream alone. It is amazing how people are placed in your life who share the same interests and/or missing pieces to your puzzle of a dream. We are actually meant to connect and interact so something so natural can reap great benefits. For me, I never would have released my first homemade music video without the help of my talented friends who edited, choreographed , recorded, directed, and participated. There is nothing like a community helping each-other out. Even if it is not award-winning at the start.

One of my favorite examples of someone who makes things happen (shown in the happy-go-lucky video above) is the eclectic and unbelievable TODRICK HALL. You may have seen this guy do some YouTube videos from flash mobbing to a song in Target, singing his order in a drive thru, recreating classic fairy-tales, and covering songs in innovative ways. Little do people know he was denied from American Idol and had a show on MTV that was cancelled. Today him and his team create phenomenal videos that surpass anything I have ever seen before…


He is proof that you CAN create an outlet for you craft. I also encourage this for people who have ways of communicating about social issues or other things that really matter in the world today. There is so much hate and destruction in this world right now that it is time for people to rise (peacefully) and use their music , dance, writing , cooking, art, and speech to make this world better. There are resources out there waiting to be used by someone like you with potential to do something incredible! Don’t just sit on it…CREATE IT.


– J. Vagabond

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