the definition of a bridge is a connecting, transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities, conditions, or the like… ( 

What does that mean when we bring together reality with spirituality?

I am going to bring this down a level and make it more personal. I personally enjoy a song with a good beat HOWEVER I do feel convicted if I realize the content of the song is well…. vulgar. You know what I mean when I say vulgar. When the content is about calling people outside their names, drugs , alcohol , objectifying woman, crime , and just straight up cursing people out because you got issues and you want the world to feel your pain…well I just can’t deal with much of that.

bye felici

Now I am not saying that if the song is not about God, the good book, or making the world a better place it is trash….matter of fact there are many popular artists who have released songs about real life things that I am proud to know because of how they present the message. The fact is that people have been through things that do not compare to others  whether it be a broken home, poverty, unstable relationships, assault and/or abuse. People are drawn to that stuff because they can relate, while others just like that beat. Yet, you still have to be careful on how you express those difficulties and challenges. No one is completely immune to the influence of constant negative music or negativity in general for that matter. My point is not to assume and judge certain artist, music genres, or songs of music but to tell you that what you are surrounding yourself with starts to become a part of you.

What you choose to represent says a lot about your character. If you choose to live a life of blame based off of what has happened to you in the past or the lack of (fill in the blank) then that is what your domineer will display. If you choose to be carefree about how you have fun and the consequences that come along with it, everything you do in life will be though about that way. It is not until you choose what resource you have to help yourself and those that follow to freedom , self-discovery, acceptance of all people groups, talents, gratefulness, wisdom, work ethic, respect, and long-term benefits that will truly matter for the long run.

What about the people that just want to have fun? You know the ones that just want to turn up to the beat? Well…you do still need to watch it. Whatever you are releasing yourself physically to can still has a way of latching on to you. Trust me I know. I be listening to the radio and I hear something then I be ready to go buck wild, but I have to take a moment to be like “What are they saying?”. The two things that turn me off immediately is if they sound a “hot mess” , some type of drug reference , or the disrespect of any people group. #byefelicia I mean I’m not saying that I have NEVER gotten through a song with a sick beat, ignoring the message it presented, but eventually my conscious is like….


Recently, I was able to attend the BRIDGES TOUR starring Kierra Sheard ft. JoJo Martin and Jor’Dan Armstrong. I did not realize how much I would get out of it until I left and reflected for awhile.

Kierra had the fantastic idea to open the program in a talk show format that was related to both branding yourself on social media and the personal topics of relationships inside and outside of marriage. I must say that Kierra Sheard is one of my BIGGEST inspirations in music and marketing. If you want to know more about her I would download her app “Kierra Sheard”  and visit [[ ]]….



disclaimer: she did not pay me to do this…I actually do like her 😉

ANYWAYS her whole tour theme, including the people on her team were all about the blending of what is hot and trendy with what is truth and spiritually uplifting. Not only was her interview with some of the TOP fashion/lifestyle bloggers on Instagram an excellent learning experience, but the music in itself had me entranced. Before Kierra’s set, all of the artists had some type of powerful message with a beat wrapped around it. However, we did not just “party” the whole time but we had intimate moments of worship and praise. It was all BALANCED & REAL. Sometimes I cannot stand how people can live overly-religious or too turnt to be tamed and miss relating to real life. What Kierra did was expressed who she was as a person and the things she had been going through ALL types of music. Covering songs like Freedom by Beyonce , No More Drama by Mary J. Blige , and Hate on Me by Jill Scott before going into her own songs was pure art expression. I was into every minute of it. All the songs related to either our current world or Kierra’s personal journey. Everything was done in good taste and if someone did not know who she was came to that event, they would have definitely left encouraged.


With this outlet of blogging, I personally want to be able to relate to the masses. I do have a strong faith in God and believe in demonstrating strong character but I see how important it is to get to know all people from all backgrounds and understand them regardless if anything they say and do contradicts you.

I also wanted to promote my NEW MUSIC blogs of artists who release NEW MUSIC that I like from ALL GENRES. Mind you that it is what I like and listen to so if you have not heard of them or you pre-judge before you listen… DON’T BE THAT WAY. All the artist albums will be SOLID. No one will be wack or low quality. I can promise you that much.

music and peeps

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