SPENCER started as an actor and touring artist on the Trinitee Broadcasting Network’s pre-teen sitcom iShine Knect, where he turned some heads with his in-sync dance routines and retro sound. This Indiana native started as a more acoustic / pop solo artist and has now transformed into a more EDM / urban / pop sound. Now as both a solo artist and the newest member of the cover band Anthem Lights, in which he sticks to his acoustic roots,  Kane shows his newly developed sound as well an individual with something to say but his own way.


God Stole My Heart 

This track immediately sets the whole album. The funky intro urges you to groove right away. It has a great message about how his heart was stolen from him but like he says “and I don’t ever want it back”. You know that real love whether it be God, family, or significant other that’s love. Spencer gives it to us with the layered vocals and ad libs. It sort of reminds me of a “Nick Jonas” sound.

Love a Little Bit

Another song to groove to right away. With this plain and simple message to “Love a Little Bit”regardless of the haters and naysayers. Just doing you and ignoring anything against that. Plus, you can hear a lil’ bit of Spencer’s rap game where he “….covered real well….State Farm.”


This song is full of a chill vibe. Considering the message the interpretation of this song relaxes the anxiety of not knowing which way to go in your life. The prayer  “I’m leaning on you for your wisdom, and I’m reaching out for your hand. Light up the path that you’ve given, cause I know its all in your plan” is the main point of this joint. I would have to agree to this message.

You’ll Be Alright ft. Adrion Butler

This inspirational joint might is like an EDM anthem. It starts with that message that you can feel Kane relate to as his lyrics pour out about being better then the ones that tell you otherwise. The dance breakdown is like an outlet to any negativity or bashing you have ever received. The truth that you have someone greater on your side is all you need to keep going. Then we add a radical lyric from Adrion Butler after those tears, “what don’t kill you make you stronger, so I know that you goin to be alright.” Point blank.

New Level 

Kane’s first single that pays tribute to his original sound with a more mature sound.  The video game feel is appropriate as it relates to how life can be a game but there is a way to play it right. Being who you are takes you somewhere untouchable. Memorable sentence: “Some people live for the moment, struggling everyday.” FYI : Spencer justifies that he  released his version first before some other rap artist released “another” version….. Ha!


In a tribute to the simple, feel good pop style in a Maroon 5ish way this song is a realization of whatever we need we already obtain. I like how “I know your the real truth” is in there because we can either be in peace about believing that or in a denial about that fact.

This is Living ft. Alexis Slifer 

The cover song of the album by Hillsong Young & Free. A tribute to a beautiful song that seems to display two perspectives. The love from a savior and the love of someone close. Stripped down to just a calming piano you can hear the natural vocals of both the female and male lead. The peace of this song transforms into a freedom.You also get to hear more of Kane’s range which is commendable.

Betrayed *ALL THE FEELS*

The *all the feels* award goes to that stripped down piano intro in this song that has to be the most vulnerable song on the album. The most powerful words “you laid down your life you never turned away…even though I betrayed you.”This song focuses on how much we do things that take away our privilege to be loved, but in spite of, we are loved unconditionally.

We Win

One of my favorite anthems of the whole album. The message of knowing someone greater fighting for us, but yet who can be against us? We are winner in the end! “WE WIN , WE WIN”. That is as simple as it gets, now believe it, and dance it out!

Ghost ft. Izze *DAT BEAT DOE* 

The *dat beat doe* award goes to this joint right here. This urban sound with the enthusiastic background “ayes” in the background, makes this jam impossible to ignore. The message of  “I won’t rewind, my life has been defined, say goodbye adios, my old life is a GHOST.” Top it off with a modern-style rap from the ingenious Izze, then you have truth that makes you want to move!

Heart Like You (StereoDraft remix)

A single from his previous album RUNAWAY, a new flare was added to it. The song focuses on reaching out to people through not just our human eyes, but seeing their needs and actually reaching out to them. By asking for a heart that is attracted to loving people is the ultimate request but we all should want. The layered remixed vocal of “light up the world for you” has one feeling it.


Connect with SPENCER KANE:

Website: spencerkanemusic.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpencerKaneMusic/?fref=ts

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChKJcRktrgzQZxilorGhiQg

Instagram: spencerkanemusic

Snapchat: iamspencerkane

Twitter : https://twitter.com/IAmSpencerKane


Anthem Lights:


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AnthemLights/?fref=ts

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLCPoAvvcep5OMb0x3e5XmA

Instagram: anthemlightsband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/anthemlights


-J. Vagabond

2 thoughts on “KANE by SPENCER KANE

  1. Great review! I’m loving his new album! For your review on “Betrayed” the lyrics are “you laid down your life you never turned away…even though I betrayed you.” instead of portrayed you.


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