ONE WEEK already!


You do not realize just how fast time is going until you are in a new environment. Before you know it, 168 hours had passed by. So with out further ado, here are my first week impressions and observations of living in Palo Alto, California.

My favorite thing thus far is all of my family and friends back home asking me “How is California?”I will give you that the flight was ASTOUNDING. When I flew over the desert and mountains. Seeing the shift in the geography was unreal!


As far as landing in California territory, some people are asking questions as if I am surrounded with things that do not exist in their own neighborhoods! No No. First off, the first things that I see are quite normal such as traffic , neighborhoods, diversity in these streets, and lots of restaurants. To most people’s surprise however, the weather is really similar to that of Illinois’s summertime. Yea….google could have told you that. However…..I’ll be nice and be more specific. There are definitely differences, I’m just saying that some of you all need to take a breathe. haha!

Difference #1

The Population

There are so many people that live here. There is constant momentum happening. Basically like a city yet I am most definitely in a suburb. The diversity of people is real too with a heavy presence of Asian and Spanish culture. It is a nice take on things considering I am considered the minority here, yet the majority race is not something I have experienced before. I like it.

Difference #2

The Living Space

I do not know how to really explain California housing but I will try my best. For one the “ranch style” house seems to be the most common. For those that are not familiar with what that is, that means that the house is one story or one level and they are wider then they are taller.


However each seem to have their own unique design. Where I live it was live a mandatory thing to have stairs even if they did not belong to your house, they led somewhere important.


Disclaimer: I tried to avoid taking pictures of people’s houses so just imagine what I am saying or you can come check them out yourself. Here’s a creepy thought…use Google maps. There pictures are way accurate.

Difference #3

The Town

Everything you need is walking distance. Although it is considered a suburb, there is a small town vibe to it. You may pass by a Walgreens but not further much up the road you walk pass a privately own coffee shop, and a few steps later a church. Most people are surprisingly friendly. They at least acknowledge whether or not if they are jogging, walking, or biking down the street. I must say that kids will be kids as I almost got ran over by the quietest kid bike rider ever and the multiple gangs of teenagers showing off tricks and what not.


Difference #4

The Transportation

Despite what people have rumored the public transportation does well here. One thing that people should understand is that when you live in an overpopulated town there are factors that should be calculated to how a town’s transportation works. With buses there are people who are all going to different places, so that means more stops. You add some traffic from the array of cars doing the same thing and you have downtown Chicago…so calm down impatient Americans.


Difference #5

The Nature

Probably my favorite part because almost every plant STUNS me. First off it barely rains here so when I tell you I am shocked at the assortment of plants here, I am not kidding. Not only is there like cacti but there has to be like hundreds of species of other things that can live in dry climates, because let me tell you, where I am from is ugly compared to the Californian displays I’ve seen. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking…..

God never ceases to amaze me.

Difference #6

The Food

My first day I’ve had one of the best tacos of my life and one of them had CACTUS in it. Yeah that’s right…Cactus. Don’t you worry, I lived. It was good ( like zucchini) and I recommend you try it too. Also I took a risk and had a bagel from a place called “the POSH BAGEL”. It basically described. My bagel had something called lox (a fillet of brined salmon…oooh fancy) in it and IT WAS MAGICAL.


So far so good.

Although this is just a taste of what is to come…greater is coming. My internship is starting up and I am anticipating what will come from that. Orientation is right around the corner so be on the look-out for what blogs is birthed from that.



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