1 September 2016

The internship has officially taking off! Time seems to be flying by, but yet I feel like I am at a stand still. No, it is not a bad thing but more like a needed thing. This allows for moments to brainstorm and plan what I want to accomplish here.


We have now had orientation, so there is clearer direction on what my internship actually consists of…

First off, it is called the Possibility Project because the possibilities that each intern has are endless! There are 9 of us in total as of now, and by the end of this year there will be a total of 11 in the program. All of us are young adults. As I learn more about the people who are sharing this journey with me, I have already been challenged , surprised , and #blessed ( yea…I did it, accept it). They are all so different and strongly individual.

We gather on both Wednesdays to reflect on the book work we do and Sundays for food fellowship. This month is all about money, budgeting , tithing , storing , giving, and obsessing. It has been intriguing to get to hear everyone’s perspectives and beliefs. There has been some excellent discussion and understanding. Next month we have a retreat where we will get to know each-other better. I wonder what that will be like…

While were are here, there are three subcategory projects that we are to be a part of that make up the main Possibility Project idea:

The first project is centered on the local church and your first impressions of what they need.

This could be anything from serving some time, resources, skills  in the church and/or leading something in the church on a regular basis.

The second project is focused on strengthening the church/community relationship.

How do you interact the two?

The third project is identifying and supporting a good work outside of the local church. 

This idea is where you can be the most creative with your own personal touch.


As a first year intern of the Possibilities Project, I have had the privilege of seeing a previous interns passion become real. Katie Delgado presented the project called “Saving Acts” and it is the bridge that links creatives to use their gifts as better church resources through media. The Launch Party was beautiful and so well done. Just looking at the pictures you may not be able to tell that the little things made such a big difference such as the writing on the tables, Walgreen prints (hey they do good work some days) , actual knick-knacks from one of the resident houses, and homemade goods.


savingacts.org mission statement verse.

Take a look…

Something that I am constantly amazed about where I live ,is being in an area where technology reigns and so much is birthed out of here. I never would have imagined that I would be in a place where influencers are influencing other influencers. With so much innovation around me, it does inspire and motivate me to get on board. Although I see the downside to constantly working and striving to get farther then the last invention, just to believe in something , then give it your all is a work ethic I always admired.

Random highlights of this month:

adding some personality to a wonderful structure of a house by raiding garage/yard sales with my roommate.


the best / most distracting  music playlist during orientation.

man-nannying  an energetic child.

a random minor allergic reaction to a dog on my left eye.

eating fruit and vegetables that were actual fresh…like actually fresh.

Being cold at night.


As everything is still so new to me I am anticipating more exploring of what the community has to offer as well as the surrounding towns and cities. There are colleges all around here too that I need to visit. There is still so much to see and appreciate. I am getting a little antsy for it but I will be patient. It’s coming…

Stay Tuned. Stay Golden.




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