2 October 2016 Part 2

Everything Else Part 2

….After the wedding buzz had dissipated

It would not have been right to come all the way out to Nashville and NOT see the place that I once called home. The cool thing is I graduated within the same year and a new school year had just begun. There was a good amount of people still there that I had relations with and I had to see them. It was so satisfying to start the day experiencing chapel with the new staff and band. Chapel is also where a lot of people are required to go to, so I got to see a lot of familiar faces there.The rest of the day I had the privilege of bouncing from building to building, talking to a collection of people about how my life had changed in just a few short months. It was really an encouraging time.

Honestly taking such a big change and moving to an unknown place IS NOT the easiest decision regardless of how glamorous the place may seem. A lot of students and staff alike were just uplifting and proud. It made me more confident in what “possibilities” could happen in this new door that I walked into.


The whole trip concluded in a more spiritual sort of way. A common fact known among the students is that there is a separate program called the National Praise and Worship Institute a.k.a. the NPWI. This program last about 2 years and the specific focus is to raise up worship leaders with voice, instruments, and stage presence. Unfortunately the program was held under-wraps for reasons I did not understand. However, if you ever spent  some time with people of the program, you can just feel how much of a strong lovable presence they encompass. My favorite part about them is just how down-to-earth and different they are from the stereotype of a Christian. Their openness and love has allowed them to be a part of some amazing moments that are not just on campus but in the city of Nashville. Let’s just say there are some undeniable spiritual movements happening in that city and it is infectious.


Speaking of infectious…I wore myself out and by the time I got home I caught a cold. The grown-up part about being on your own is not having somebody to take care of you  (#mom), but I did good. I will spare you the details but let’s just say I’m glad I bought that tissue when I did and my roommate bought me soup :). It was all worth it though.

The rest of the month was full of highlights. For the sake of a never-ending story possibly occurring I will but the rest in a list format…

  1. I GOT TO SEE PENTATONIX LIVE. If you do not know them they are they most popular acapella groups out there right now. They started as a group on a music competition the show called the SING-OFF and now they are Grammy winners.


Us the Duo another phenomenal husband and wife team started off the night as the openers. The wife had such a strong voice that the the sound guy had some trouble balancing it out. After a few technical flukes they got it together. One of my favorite moments is when the grandmother behind us was over-exaggerating on how “loud” it was. She was really just upset because her granddaughter was freaking out and crying. Well…that’s what happens when you are in FLOOR SEAT mam.


I am sure they learned for next time. When Pentatonix came on (and the sound people got it together), it became an unreal experience. Now like I mentioned they are an ACAPELLA  group which means they only carry themselves vocally. NO INSTRUMENTS. That is what I got and how skillful it was! My favorite things is how much they enjoyed themselves as well as how it wasn’t totally perfect. They were real people that depended on each-other. Accompanying me was my fellow intern-friend.  She was hype the whole time. I appreciated her taste and enthusiasm. What a unforgettable night.

2. I cooked…REAL FOOD.

One of my secret interests is cooking but my experience with making real food is limited. I mean brunch is my favorite meal of the day. However my skills end with breakfast foods and unfortunately you cannot live on that alone.  That’s why I feel blessed and challenged to be in a situation where I have to learn. Props also go to my roommate who is a skilled foodie. I learned a lot about how weird sounding things can actually taste good and how guesstimating can work in your favor. Joey, you the real MVP. Take a look….

3. Retreat

As interns we all were forced into the woods. Don’t worry! We were safe. We were in a beautiful area on top of a mountain located next to Truckee, California. We were on a retreat where we were taken away from our normal routines and spent time together. We had sessions that involved self-discovery , influence , passions , and community. What a time we had. I for one did not know what to expect at all. What I ended up discovering was worth the uncertainty. I am so grateful to have been able to experience such life.

This month was more then I could have planned it out to be. I got filled with knowledge and given so much peace. Although I may not know all the plan of my life out here. I know that God has been present in everything. As I continue to live and learn out here I thank you all for the prayers and interactions this blog has allowed to spark. You all are about of this story and journey as well. I know I cannot do this alone.


Stay incredible.



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