3 November 2016

November, its been real too real.

This month has been nothing short of unstable. A lot  of this seemed to stem from emotions! These emotions were stimulated by politics, viral social media, the holiday season, weather changes, a job change, and relationships.

I had no idea what would be unlocked in this season of my life. I cannot put everything into words, but I know I am most definitely involved in a learning process that I had no idea I needed.

For one thing social media is on of my FAVORITE things. It has come close to becoming addictive without realizing it at times. I am thankful I have found ways to limit myself and try to be productive with my down time. Blogging and reading have been such a help when it comes to this..but recently it has been unappealing altogether.

The night of November 8th , when the whole country was awaiting the results of our 2016 presidential election , I was on edge. I was literally home alone panicking. I did phone a friend but they fell asleep in mid-conversation…

I joked that since I am on west coast time now, I had a couple extra hours to stay focused on the pending results. It took quite awhile for it to happen but as we all know it was announced and the world responded.

I am just going to keep this short and sweet, but just know what I saw posted on so many social media platforms was actually quite startling. Too much hate. People were divided, families were divided, the country was divided. I am proud to say that I am proud to be an American. I really am. We are so privileged. Most times I am sure people take for granted all the freedoms that we have. This is not a time to be against one another. This is a time to stand together like never before if we want to remain strong. We hold the real power. Will that power be used to destroy ourselves or to build a army that fights for their fellow sisters and brothers, so we all live in liberty untouched?

I am just saying.

Moving along…

This is the first Thanksgiving I spend without any of my blood relatives! I know , I know (Insert pity here). However it was not sad at all. I got to spend time with members of my internship family. It actually was a sweet time. There was incredible food, fellowship, and some coloring on a festive tablecloth. I do not have any pictures which is unlike me but here is a picture of a turducken….because we had one…


This Thanksgiving particularly has been a rough season for many people. I do not know why this is but the amount of surgery and deaths have been high. It has been rough to hear and I have been surprised by how intense these situations are. The hardest thing to digest is the fact that they have been parents or grandparents. The people that ultimately introduce us to the world. The people that raise us. I pray that during these hardest of times that those who have lost find comfort in those that they still have. May the legacy of each and every person live on.treasure

Highlights of the Month..

  1. More cooking!! I made mash potatoes from scratch TWICE! They came out really well!! I find this being a helpful tip but if the potatoes are large CUT THEM INTO SMALLER PIECES so they can actual become soft quicker then 3 hours!! The roommate also had to handle feeding about 20 + people for our Sunday meeting and actually did it! I got away with like half that. So Kudos to getting through that fiasco. There were also some really cool places I was able to experience whether if it was a restaurant in the downtown area of this suburb or San Francisco, I ate good. Including my FAVORITE seafood #OYSTERs.

2.  Going to San Francisco at dawn. That was nice. There is a place called Fisherman’s Wharf where I got them oysters and it seems like you are on a boat as you walk around. The place was lit. There were lights everywhere especially where the carousal was and a daredevil of a grandma walking on a pole held in the air by two audience members, where she also hypnotized the audience, played with fire, and nearly fell off the pole she was on.  She was my hero.

3. There was a great amount of people interactions as well. I now work at Urban Outfitters so that’s a start. In retail you for sure meet a lot of different kinds of people. It amazes me how the personality types can be familiar but you get surprised as well. The California Valley girl voice is a real thing.


4. Those random appointments with some incredible people from alumni interns to the church community to work people I’ve had some great moments of connection. The book we were reading for this month called Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi never-eat-alonesort of came to life. It talks about the power in networking and writing out plans. As obvious as that sounds it was quite the effective read. It rekindled my drive.

I always appreciated what Thanksgiving is about. Not necessarily the part about the invasion of the Native American lands and the disease outbreak that took out America’s original natives but the act of being thankful. It kind of upsets me how it is a holiday that is only significant because of food. Don’t get me wrong, food is good..


but being thankful for more then just that is much more effective. When you live in thankfulness and gratitude life is so much better. If you have never practiced this before it does not matter how you start. Just go for it. Eventually it intrudes into your whole life.

So many people do not even make it to the holidays. That does not mean just death. Cherishing this time of thankfulness is important. Let Thanksgiving be thanksgiving and Christmas be Christmas.

You don’t always need a holiday to be reminded to celebrate a certain moral or belief but reminders are always good. Just ask Siri. I am sure she reminds you about a lot.



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