New Year (RE) New Me


WOW we made it.



Last year was filled with unpredictable moments. Things that we did not see coming. However, no matter how bad or good 2016 has been for you, those things can be brought into the new year and be renewed.

There is nothing like opening up a fresh package of something. You know like a new bottle of soap or toothpaste? It may be a product you have never tried before or one that you are familiar with but it’s about time to replenish.


Do you get what I am going for? That is what I want for the things discovered in 2016 to be for 2017. Something fresh.

I know for me last year was filled with incredible transition and forms of personal growth I did not realize I needed. There were BIG honorable moments like graduating college, being a best man, interning with a powerful television network, being an extra for television shows, watching my sister graduate, and moving all the way to the west coast. There were BIG challenging moments where my morals and beliefs had been challenged, being stuck in traffic on a mountain for hours with snowfall, losing a neighbor, and having limited finances.

Although this year the world did respond intensely to so many things from the presidential election , hate crimes, terrorist attacks , racial comments , sexual orientation, terrible music stage performances, cubs winning the world series, the Olympics, a member leaving Fifth Harmony, American Idol ending, and the DEATH of MANY celebrities it just gives us somethings to work on in 2017.


This year for me I do want that cliche of “New Year, New Me.” but I want my old self to be better…to be RENEWED.

No one has it all figured out nor can anyone really put a time frame on when that could happen. It is all a process. This process takes dedication and intentional focus. This year, not only do I want to work on me, but I want to tap into more of what gifts and talents that I have to offer. I have to choose to block out the negative thoughts of being insignificant , unqualified , limited , alone , incapable , and mediocre. In the end the only one responsible for me is me. That goes for my mentality , physical body , emotions, and my spiritual well being. Believing in what God says I am and his help is all I need.



I want to do better in all the areas. I want to be realistic in getting there. I want to not do it alone.

As my BIRTHDAY approaches I feel like this is the BEST time to declare that…








4 thoughts on “New Year (RE) New Me

  1. Congratulations on all your successes this past year JV!!!!! It’s wonderful to see you realize those negative thoughts for what they are, the old evil one trying to steal your joy, and focusing on God’s love for you, helping you do better, be better, and achieving your goals. Being the person He wants you to be! God bless you JV and much love.

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  2. WOW Thank-you for this encouragement soulfood101!! Those negative thoughts try to invade our lives and take away our validation. I am ready to say no more to that. It is still a battle but I am choosing not to give up or give in. So blessed to be able to use this platform to lift up other people as well. I appreciate you reading and supporting me.



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