Easter is more than a holiday. It’s a revival.

Spring has to be the most impactful time of year for me. The winter can be the most brutal, cruel, and freezing season, but no matter how rough the season before, Spring always finds a way to burst through…

…and I am not just talking allergies


…but the new life that comes after what seems destroyed from the harsh weather is miraculous. This winter in my life has been as fickle as the weather in the Bay area. That is what makes my Spring even more special. There is a certain awakening, a strength, and a replenishment that is in it.



I challenge you to think of this season as something deeper then baskets and bunnies. Recognize the new life around you. Recognize the newness inside you. In all this we celebrate to honor the resurrection of the son of God, that changed everything. EVERYTHING.



Also it has been ONE YEAR since I started this blog. I had no idea how long I would be able to do this. I THANK-YOU allย for the endless support. It will just get bigger and better from here!






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