9 May 2017

If any month stood out above the rest, it would be May of 2017. It started off being quite the normal routine of eat, pray, live. Yet, this was the month I was preparing to start traveling.

Before my travels begun, I had some great times of closure with some really cool people I’ve met while in my California town.

Highlights of that closure came from an adventure in Berkeley, California (which is like the CAPITAL of effective thrifting and seeing Todrick Hall live…AGAIN!

First off, Downtown Berkeley is the ultimate thrifting place I have discovered thus far. There were so many incredible places with the best choices of clothes as well as the best prices. I was not able to take many pictures of those places (my front camera on my iPhone has malfunctioned. help.) Anyways, just believe me and go.

FullSizeRender (42)

Next, the Todrick Hall presents: Straight Outta Oz concert was spectacular! It still baffles me how a Youtuber created an empire from making incredibly engaging videos with just a small team of other creatives. I was inspired once again. I can confidently say that these performers are as down-to-earth and humble as they come. I felt like I was seeing a family giving us a show to their friends.

The show is the genius combination of the story of Wizard of Oz with the biography of Todrick’s life and his rough journey to Hollywood stardom. There are a lot of elements and perspectives that he represents in this project. It is not for everyone, but I guarantee you will see things in a different light and at times feel invincible with him.






My airplane traveling began with a flight to return to my beloved Nashville to support a friend’s milestone. There is quite the story that goes with that but for the respect of my friend, I will leave that story for a later time. Let us just say that life has challenges and things change.





It was still yet a beneficial trip. I was reunited with some incredible people. That’s what May was, a big huge REUNION.

I was able to do some notable things! One of them was go to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. This was a place that I have passed many times before while I was attending college in Nashville, but never had the chance to go. That all changed this May and I was dumbfounded at all the Nashville zoo had had to offer. Observe.

nashville zoo





I also was able to spend some time with some of the best Nashville people. I wish I had pictures of all of them and I do not. However, they ALL took great care of me. Travelling is not the easiest thing when you do not have people to depend on. I had people to depend on.



THE HIGHLIGHT of this month was being able to join the K-Love family once again at the K-Love Fan Awards! This is a weekend conference where K-Love artists get to interact with artists by autographs, concerts, specialized merchandise, and an invigorating awards show to top it all off! I feel like I am among the best of communities.


Image result for klove fan awards logo










The day after Memorial Day I was whisked away on a plane to return to my home town where my Day Ones reside. For those who do not know what “Day Ones” are , they are the people who have known you the longest and seen you grow up . As contradicting as it may sound your “Day Ones” are not always the individuals that have known you in diapers, but are those who have celebrated your milestones and have stuck with you in the hardest of times. Those are worth keeping around.





With that said, I appreciate my followers. Thank-you all for reading and keeping up with my adventures. Now I feel like it is time to give in a different way. These updates have been fun, but they only seem to hit in one direction. I want to create content that reaches people more universally. I am going to to do just that. 


Image result for stay tuned





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